The Email List, is the key player to email marketing success, the more data you have about your contacts or audience, the more the probability to succeed in email marketing. but why email? and why not any other marketing channel? Well, people invested millions not thousands to build a huge massive social media fan base, but as noticed a couple of years ago Facebook changed its algorithms of viewing posts to page fans that posts will be shown to 2% only of page fans and page owners will now need to pay so their posts reach their fans. comparing the 2% outreach of this Social Media channel to the 90%-100% outreach of email makes it clearly uncomparable

there are a lot of ways you can get more subscribers: using lead magnets, landing pages, using subscribe popups, webinars, quizzes and there's a lot more ways or tools that could be used to increase your email list, but the point is: why your website or blog visitor might want to signup to your email list? they already came, read the blog and now will leave. and the answer is this their benefit if you give them something of interest to them or something they want or need, then you have broken the wall and they will not mind exchanging their email with you.

Hacks and Ways to Grow your Email List

1. Offer an opt-in reward

Offering something that might be of interest to your lead is one of the most powerful things that will make your visitor swap personal data with you. These rewards might be like a cheatsheet, white paper, or some sort of tips and hacks

2. Offer Discount or coupon

If you sell products or offer services then offering coupons or discounts will be something of interest that every potential lead would want and won't mind swapping his personal data for it.

3. Pin your call to action to a group board on Pinterest

use the power of Pinterest groups to empower your email list

4. Run a Challenge

most of us like challenges, and we won't skip them if it's free, give your audience a chance to compete and challenge in a light way

5. Ask for Referrals

Referrals, AKA word of mouth, what would you choose between a service you searched for online and another one you were referred to by a friend, of course, you will try what your friend referred because of the trust, using referrals is a must.

6. Pin a Tweet with a CTA to join the list

A simple tip, just a tweet about your freebie or reward on the opt-in or landing page, this will help you catch those who don't visit your website or blog regularly

7. Include the CTA in your Facebook fan page

use buttons like signup, visit the website, Whatsapp

8. Use guest posting in your favor

this one might be time-consuming to search for the perfect fit websites with similar or close niches and having good traffic, but the outcome deserves the hard work

9. post in niche forums

if you frequently niche forums, then you can probably find the opportunity to add your opt-in links there too.

10. Host and speak on events

if you intend to speak at an event it is really easy to give the audience a link or downloadable file, you can use URL shorteners so you make it easy for them to tell them or let them copy it 

11. Use Podcasts

Podcasts are getting bigger and bigger every year and the audience is increasing, whether you create your own or become a guest on one that will help spread and expand

12. Create quizzes

People love Quizzes and always want to know how they will perform on them, making short funny quizzes will help through this

13. Lead Magnets

A lead magnet provides a different form of attraction – which is the ability to attract sales leads … the ability to pull prospects out of a pile of suspects. Also known as a lead generation offer or lead bait, a lead magnet is the centerpiece of every direct response campaign

14. Subscribe Pages

this is a dedicated page to promote your email list. and it should have:

  • Strong Headline telling the benefits of joining your list
  • what to expect in return for email addresses
  • if you send tips, hacks, and how-to emails, leaving a sample of your emails would be a plus

15. Webinars

those are awesome list builders, showing a signup form on your website or blog and sharing it on social media, and signups can still be used after webinars to be given as a freebie

16. Landing Pages

A landing page is a distraction-free page with a single goal, which is in our case signing up to your list

17. opt-in forms

make it extremely easy for your visitors to signup to your list, try to keep it as visible as possible, and not noisy, the point is that your visitors have already seen dozens of those forms and are automatically escaping them, so try to make it eye-catchy as possible 

18. Content Upgrades

take things a step further by adding content upgrades to these top-performing posts to make opt-in even more desirable

19. Use Error Pages to build your email list

building an email list is worth taking every possible action you can take, show your subscribe button or let your guest communicate with you about your website or blog issue, that's two birds with one stone

20. Make Sharing posts as easy as possible

make the sharing buttons visible in the correct places and add buttons to social media platforms as much as you can.

21. Use Twitter lead generation cards to promote your lead magnet

you can promote your list and your lead magnet through lead generation cards for free, this gives people the opportunity to signup on Twitter rather than going to a different landing page

22. Answer Questions on Quora

Quora has a huge fan base and can be a massive traffic source if properly used.