We all know that we must create a welcome sequence for new users signing up to our newsletter or whatever list we have, but the problem is we have no idea what we should be sending them, or maybe we know the first email is to welcome them, but what next? well, that's what I want to tell you.

it always takes a long time to set an email strategy or to understand what works for you and what doesn't work for you. one common thing we all should know is that you must understand what your subscribers need, why they subscribed to your list in the first place because if you didn't follow up with them with articles related to what they subscribed for, they will unsubscribe sooner or later, which is a better scenario than having your emails ending in the spam. so the first thing we learn now is giving value.

There's no standard limit for emails in a welcome sequence, but mostly it might be ranging from 3 to 7, our preferred is 5 emails, 3-4 days between every 2 emails, also we suggest not to be over 2 weeks, so what we will be sending?

1st Email

Send time: right after subscription

Goal: thank the subscriber for opting-in, and introduce yourself

Don't write an article, shortly introduce yourself, thank your subscriber, give a link to the freebie if you offered any, PS them to whitelist your email or to save as a contact so they don't lose your emails or they don't end up in the spam folder, you can also tell them what they can expect from you or/and add a couple of links to articles relative to your niche

2nd Email

Send time: 2-3 days later

Goal: Provide value, a real value

this time you need to gain more trust and get more noticed by your subscriber, so you think of a pain your subscribers might be suffering from, and send them a solution like a cheat sheet, a tool, a freebie, or anything that will help them get over this pain, and remember Never push for providing sales or services at this step

3rd Email

Send time: 2-3 days later

Goal: Get them to know more about you and try to contact them

start telling about what you excel at, let them know what are your services/products or you can redirect them to your website to view everything in detail, but remember, please don't be too salesy, don't push for it. show them all you can do and let them decide, you can talk about why you are the best or why they should be dealing with you, it won't hurt if you give another value like adding links to articles.
make them more comfortable by telling them not to hesitate to contact you.

4th Email

Send time: 2-3 days later

Goal: give value again but in a way that serves what you offer

the same as done in the second email, think of a pain source and solve it for your subscriber but this time you show that only because they will use your product or service, their problem will be solved.

5th Email

Send time: 1-2 days later

Goal: Get Feedback

Ask your subscribers what they want to get from you next and when and whether they want to keep getting messages from you or not.

by doing this you will get a better understanding of their needs, and by committing to this you will get better open rates and CTR.

Hands Up! you just got your first task completed, but how to send the emails if you have a large email list

and the short answer is FastDeliver, click the link, sign up to the free trial, upload your contacts, use the professional email builder to build your beautiful emails, and Send. BOOM!
your work is done, you can now keep an eye on your statistics and keep improving for better reults