What should you write in a professional email? and what should your email include for a perfect email marketing campaign?

In order to succeed in email marketing, your emails must be branded, must be revised carefully, and checked for any mistakes, mistakes in email marketing campaigns can be costly and might affect your reputation either positive or negative, the reason is email campaigns are different than social media campaigns when it’s sent then it’s sent, you can’t pause the campaign to edit something and restart it again.

At the end of the day, a well-composed email campaign should provide a clear message with a clear call to action.

Okay let’s take it from scratch, you’ve built and grown your email list, select your niche, written your email and now you want to check everything before Sending

1. Email Sender Name and reply-to address

Information entered here helps your recipient decide whether to open your email or delete it and move on

if your name is written as nonmeaningful text, then surely it’s spam it will be deleted before being opened

it’s okay to write your company name if you wanted but your name must be presented to

if it’s a business campaign, it would be better if your email is [email protected] and not just a generic email from Gmail, or yahoo, it leaves a sense of trust at the beginning and gives you your first point

2. Optimize Subject Line

Optimizing the subject line and crafting your way to a well-written one deserves an article only by itself. This short phrase that summarizes the reason and purpose of your message is the main reason for getting your email opened.

You should highlight the benefit of reading your email and grasp your reader’s attention and open your email. Subject line importance is similar to blog posts title or header, it will make the reader continue to read, or forget it and move on

3. Greeting or intro

Whether you are creating a simple plain text email or using a professional email builder like the one we use at Prime Code
greetings here acts as an ice breaker, why not include your recipient name or any other personalization data, this can be done in big campaigns using personalization tools in FastDeliver, those are dynamic tags you can add to customize your email, but you must note that this depends on the data you collect about your contacts

4. Email body/message

People tend to skip long emails or save them for later, and you know what? this later never comes. So, you ought to keep your paragraphs or sections short, your message must be concise, clear, meaningful, and interesting to your readers, fonts must be clear, not overusing bold or ultrathin text

Use headings, subheadings, and bulleted lists to keep your message clean

If it’s a professional email never use Emojis

if using graphics, then make sure images are relevant and correctly sized if it doesn’t serve your message then don’t include it, also use alternate text in case images are not loaded

check your grammar carefully, you can use plugins like Grammarly

5. Call to Action (CTA)

Every single email should include a CTA if your email doesn’t need a CTA then you probably don’t need to send this email.

Whether you want your reader to make a call, make a reservation or click a link to your website or blog, it must be clear to the reader. Consider using a button for your CTA instead of a plain link, it’s proven that clear buttons drive more clicks than plain text links

6. Footer

Your footer must be the same in all your emails, including a “thank you” sentence, your Name, Title, and all your contact information. It must be ridiculously easy for your readers to contact you

If you are cold emailing, you must add clear instructions to unsubscribe according to the Can-Spam Act of 2003. Email service providers like FastDeliver will add this option for you. Your emails might get a big negative hit if you don’t use an unsubscribe button, so make sure it’s clean and working before you send your campaigns

7. Check your email mobile responsiveness

Mobile is now the preferred platform for reading emails with more than half of all email opens

60% Mobile Opens

No one wants to keep zooming in and out to read an email, they will just skip it or delete it

Using a professional email builder like the one at FastDeliver will take care of this work for you

8. Test Email

Send yourself a test email before sending campaigns, you can also, send a mini-campaign or internal testing campaign before sending the original one. This helps you revise every step of the previous 7 steps
Congrats... we’re done

The good news is the more you create and send emails, the easier it will get, you’ll feel more confident

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