there are some really competitive niches in blogging, but I found that if you take a unique angle, there's no niche that's too competitive. and as we go through some of the examples you are going to see some of the different angles we choose.

Okay, so now we are going to talk about the most competitive niches out there.

1- Cooking and Recipes

Cooking is very competitive, if you google recipes often like me if you like to try new things, you will find that there are already too many recipes out there that are already similar and it's hard to know which one you should select, that is very competitive.

Now before we start diving in I want to say that one of the best tactics that I found for getting into these competitive niches is finding a unique angle, for this case, cooking, we want to niche down to recipes specifically and then we choose the direction to cook and make recipes for large groups, this is a sub subset of the niche where there's still tons of traffic and it's a great place to get started.

If somebody likes recipes and is watching they are going to say: yes, but there are a lot of recipe blogs where you can input how many people you want to serve and it will scale up the recipe. but scaling certain recipes doesn't only mean increasing ingredients, you will need extra equipment and stuff, so you can address these topics better with content dedicated to that.

Most people say I want a niche, and I love cooking, so I'm going to make a recipe blog. this attitude says you are taking the same angle as everybody else, this is not going to help you go anywhere because everybody is doing so, instead, try to search for a unique angle for the niche that still has traffic to get your ranking fast.

2- Fitness niche

The fitness niche is also very competitive, but I think we've identified a pretty good way to get in there, Fitness is one of the first things people successfully blogged about, so many people are doing it, and I think the reason why so many are in it is that there's a lot of search volume around it and it's something good if done successfully.

So, the way we look at things was what if you could start with a unique and interesting case study,

when it comes to blogging we have to write search-oriented content, you have to pick a search term and write information that answers that question just like interesting information does not perform well in search, it only does well on social media where it's shareable and stuff.

3- Travel niche

this niche is very appealing to people who want to travel individually, so the competition is very high.

A lot of people want to be travel bloggers because who doesn't want to travel, it's like I'm going to travel and I'm going to get everything pumped, however, it's also extremely competitive, so what if instead of just like I'm going to tell you about travel ideas like everybody, we instead focus on special occasion travel. Travel specifically around weddings, birthdays, bachelor parties, and other special events. You know like there are special events photographers', for special events there are special events travel and it's as I think is a unique angle that gives you a little bit of uniqueness and elevation to rank quickly.

Traveling is just like everything, there are different cases, I mean you might be traveling with close or extended family, or you may be traveling at weird times to accommodate groups, I mean whatever the case may be there are always nuances that when someone is looking for a question, they are looking for questions to address these cases.

For example, a case that comes to my mind would be that you are doing this for an event, how many people does it take to be able to get a group rate right at the hotel, we found when planning large events like a conference, and you have 100 people coming to town, we can always get a group rate, but where's the break off there? if you are traveling with a group of people for a party and there are 20 only people, now what can you do? and how to negotiate those group rates? which hotels allow those? there are so many different things and directions you can go to without ever leaving the special occasion travel. you can niche down to these points and still get tons of traffic.

4- Fashion niche

Fashion is a very high competition niche and the content usually has a very short lifespan. despite that, it would be a good idea to niche down to maybe a specific style, then you can think why not go a step further and try and find the crack of certain style clothes, and all the different things that come along with that style, if you do a little bit of research you would see the potential crack.

and I think part of the reason this is such a good crack is that most people in the fashion industry are talking about the latest styles, which you need to be following very well if you are going to blog about fashion, however, one of the main monetizations for them is through being sponsored by a brand or they are an affiliate for a brand, and so they are trying to push new clothing.

Monetization is the easy part here, even ads only blogs in this niche or a youtube channel would do well, but it's not going to be hard to find additional monetization channels. there will be affiliate products, maybe not very expensive that make you earn good money, but instead, there are going to be products that you want to help people with to take the stuff from the thrift store and kind of turn it into that style.

So, there might be a kind of DIY kind of stuff, maybe there will be tools and things that you would recommend to people, there are so many patterns that you could sell, all sorts of the neat things that you could do to help have a budget-friendly fashion in a specific style.

Since this monetization is a little bit more difficult at first thought, I think that honestly makes the crack that much better because a lot of people just want to go for the easiest monetization, they think monetization first and then think about the content and the user, and so if you think about content and user first, the monetization will just fall into place when you get there because once you have an audience, you can monetize.

The biggest problem with a monetization-first approach is that it leads you down the same path as everyone else. and without traffic, it doesn't matter how well monetized your content is, if you get a thousand people a month to your blog you are not going to earn very much, instead if you get 100,000 visitors per month and it's monetized a quarter as well as other fashion blogs, you will probably earn a lot more because most of them are struggling to get anywhere near that level of traffic.

5- Health and Medical niche

The medical niche is a big field. most search queries will be served by YMYL (your money or your life) content, which requires an authority to rank. So, if you choose the health and medical niche I think it's better to niche down to parenting, that's very YMYL I'd still consider in the medical space. and it will be better if you go a step further for like a site for parents who have adopted kids, or you can think about anything else.

I think that this niche still has specific nuances that you can target as there are still many underserved areas. most people in the parenting space are talking about having a baby, then there is nursing and taking care of that baby and raising that child, there are some very specific nuances when you are dealing with an adopted child. even the adoption sites will focus on the adoption process before you adopt, but what about the many years after the adoption. I think it's a very underserved space. and you can also think about other sub-sub-niches if you can't get enough information on this topic.

6- Finance niche

Finance and especially personal finance is also a very crowded niche because it's a very valuable niche, even ads in this niche pay well because these are people who are looking for ways to make more money, so let's go a step deeper and think about investing. for most people, there's not a lot of information to say, yet it is still highly competitive. so it is better to go another step deeper and focus on one more specific angle like investing strategies for example.

Everyday investing strategies are even simpler for low to middle-class people. there is an exciting thing which is people who are talking about investing are really targeting people who already understand something about investing, and they are probably in a financial position where they think they can invest. the cool thing about trying to target the lower middle class is that a lot of people in this situation or this space don't think about investing, when they hear the word investing their minds are turned off and think about someone in a suit with a fancy tie, and so to run a blog or a youtube channel would be great for this one. again, you don't have to be wealthy, you don't have to be an investment master, you could be someone in the lower middle class to run a blog and just take people on a journey with you as you are learning something and I think this one would be really rewarding because you are helping people figure out investing and kind of understand that there is something here for them.

I know I just said that when talking about investing there's really not so much to say unless you are going to really get into the weeds and talk about specific stock picks and other stuff, but regular investing strategies for most people are going to be simple and in this case, you are going to simplify it even more, so, what I'm going to blog about? because you can outline the whole strategy in a post, but I don't think if you focus on the topic of investing strategies for every day that this type of search is going to drive traffic to you, because that's not what they are looking for, they are looking for topics like

  • how do I change my financial situation?
  • how do I bring in more money?
  • how do I get out of debt?

although you need to know that some of those are pretty competitive too and you are going to have to break things down and find specific search queries, I think most of the content on this website, or youtube channel needs to focus a lot more around a lot of those other things and behaviors. how to bring in that extra 100 a month? so you actually have a little bit to invest and I think it's going to focus on encouragement. like if you can focus on that encouragement thing like if you are doing this even at a 50$ a month when it comes time to retire, you could actually retire and it's all because of this small $50 or $100 a month.

So I think focusing on that behavior and the motivation and showing numbers and what that looks like over time, I think you would be so. good with this great topic.

7- Digital marketing niche

Digital marketing is very competitive in general, but I've identified a sub-niche that is a lot less competitive. News, with digital marketing, we need to understand a fair amount of what's going on in the SEO world, what's Google doing, and what is youtube doing even like digital marketing can envelop all of that, so getting found using that search engine optimization and stuff like this. but most people in digital marketing aren't super technical SEO people and they don't need a lot of the stuff that the SEO niche is talking about, but we need to know what is going on and people like me who are teaching skills can focus only a certain amount of my time on current events and we do try to share them here, that's not what this blog is mostly about.

the other thing with news is there are a lot of people who like to look to multiple sources because a lot of what we see with news isn't just factual news, it's an assessment which is usually filled with a lot of opinions too, and so, that's not unique to something like political news, SEO news is the same way. when things change in google, here is the way I interpret that and what is think is going to impact on websites going forward, and so if you want to provide that analysis too, a lot of people aren't just going to stop at one news source when there's an algorithm update, I would want to know what everybody thinks about it, not just one person.

8- Lifestyle - Influencer niche

very hard to break into unless there is something unique or compelling about your or your life experience. so, what do we do? what makes some work really well? the thing that pretty much all of them have in common is that there is something unique about their situation and what they are into and also something that's relatable. either it's relatable because it's something that I'm experiencing too, or it's relatable because it's something I dream about experiencing, and for now I'm just going to live like you through what I see you doing, and I think that's why it works.

9- Tech Reviews niche

Technology is a huge and very competitive niche, so I thought why not niche down into reviews or tutorials but specifically torture testing (you can think about any other thing, I just think it's funny to choose this one), torture testing for specific phones. There are not that many channels or blogs targeting that, and so if you could find a kind of a unique angle there to do torture tests, and then if you could make a little bit of investment into your channel and when Apple or some other big phone company comes out with a new phone, you go buy it and destroy it (I don't recommend that ) and then write how-to guides about how to fix the phone when you're done, this one would be very competitive but I think it could be possible.

part of the issue with the competition here is that there is just a massive amount of content and google has to kind of shift through all that and most of that competition is not legit, a lot of them is just like: hey, here's the iPhone 13 vs whatever the latest Samsung phone is and here are all the specs. that's not hard for almost anyone to do and it provides very little additional value, so what I want to see from someone who is actually been using it, how do they compare it?

and so I think if you are going to be doing any sort of tech reviews and tutorials, you got to get your hands on gear, and it's going to require an upfront investment but if you are going to be the one willing to do that, it's not usually going to take very long before that investment's paying off, and the next thing you know you got all sorts of seed money to do those kinds of reviews going forward.

Now, that's it, that is how I would break into some of the toughest niches out there. Now, if you are picking a niche and you're trying to get started with blogging there are just a couple of things you need to know, one of these things is about hosting, you are going to need a web host and there is a lot out there that do totally different things and offer totally different services, and if there is one thing I know about people that will recommend hosts is that everybody has their opinion and it's not going to match anybody else's opinion, so if you want to know ours I recommend you try and if you want to know more I suggest you join our newsletter and you will get a mail once there is a new post published and out there on our blog.