Finally, your website is LAUNCHED

After being up late for many nights, you finally did it, it’s over and now the cash will start flooding in.

Actually not.

Most people think that after they created their website that the hard job is done, but it isn’t. Hitting publish will be the first step to getting your website in the business. If you want it to be successful, you have more work to do.

At this current state, I always say that your situation is like a man who built a castle in the desert, it’s wonderful, luxurious, and dead !! Because no one knows it even exists! No one knows there’s something here, and that’s the case with your website now. You need to inform your audience your site is live and make it easy for them to find it, and later you will need to understand their behavior and serve them in a better way, let’s keep this short and talk about what you need to do after creating your website.

1. add sitemap.xml and robots.txt to your website

Make sure your site is ready to be indexed correctly by google because sooner or later google crawler and many other crawlers or bots will be crawling your website so you need to add sitemap.xml to your site, this will list files and organize all the pages and URLs of your website, letting google read it and understand your website much more effectively, and also will tell google and other bots what are the places they can access and index and which places not to index

2. Setup Google Analytics

once your site starts having traffic, having stats about your traffic is very important, you need to know how many people are visiting your website, where they are clicking, and what are their journey on your site, alongside some other statistics like demographics, geolocations, and other important stuff

3. Setup google search console

it allows you to understand how google see your website, this is important because if you understand how your site is seen then you can improve its presence and ranking, and it also tells you about any internal errors if and when they exist so you can fix them

4. Use Social media for the initial traffic

Set up your social media accounts that you think your business will benefit most from and spread the word on social media about your launch, track your audience or visitors' behavior before boosting your site and getting your first traffic spike from social media, this will help you optimize and improve your conversion rate

5. Get more exposure

a great way to get more traffic and bring new audiences to your website is by collaborating with your friends and connections in your network to do guest posts on their sites, you can also reach other sites related to your business or related to products or services you offer to get more traffic to your website

6. Create more content (regularly)

here we come to the long-lasting task, of creating content. This one is the hardest point if not planned correctly. Search engines love and reward active websites that update their content regularly, it’s the best way to increase your ranking, and keep traffic coming in, and will also help in backlink building which plays a big role in getting traffic too. Just remember this simple rule: “always post things that your ideal customers will benefit from”

“The goal is to be a source of knowledge for your audience and keep them coming back over and over again”.

Nobody wants to visit a static website that doesn’t have enough content

7. Engage with your Email subscribers

email marketing is an essential tool for driving conversions, it’s a must these days, you must have at least a small form or lead magnet to capture your coming visitor’s emails and names if possible to build your email list. The main point and target are to reach the place where you can start building relationships, promote your business, and promote your products and services, that’s their inboxes.

8. Get Statistics and monitor progress

this is so important to your business growth, especially in the beginning when you are launching and didn’t discover your route. You need to measure your progress all time and with every update, check analytics, and analyze visitors' behaviors on your site, how long they stay on your site, which channel serves you better, in short check everything.

Final Thoughts

Stay humble for updates, create plans, always pivot, and don’t forget also to build your community.

While you still have a lot of work to do after launching your site, you will still be rewarded for your efforts, just let your audience and target customers that you exist, and your business cycle will start and keep moving as long as you try and optimize.

Tell us in the comments, what’s the last thing you did that helped your business growth, really looking forward to hearing from you.

All my best wishes to have the most successful business you always wanted to have.