Some people think that after creating the website traffic starts flooding in, but this cannot be farther from the truth, you’ve got a lot of things to do before expecting and gaining traffic to promote your website in the right way. With over TWO BILLION websites online it’s really hard to rank and get the amount of traffic needed to generate sales and revenues
Any marketer or business owner dream is to have a lot of traffic once the website is online and ready, and in fact, there are uncountable ways of earning traffic paid and free, some of these ways are fake, some are true but here we are going to talk about the ones we tried and worked for us and a lot of our customers

  1. Optimize for SEO
  2. Content Optimization
  3. Guest blogging
  4. Use Email marketing secret power
  5. Social Media Promotions
  6. Youtube channel
  7. Podcasts charm
  8. Influencer outreach
  9. Use Quora Wisely
  10. Google Ads PPC

1- Optimise for SEO

Search engine Optimization is the king of all tactics if done properly as it helps improve the website rank and getting traffic continuously. SEO is mainly divided into two sections:

  • On-page SEO
    where you take care of the content on your website, use all the meta tags like meta title, meta description, alternate text for images, responsive design for mobiles, and the appropriate HTML structure of the page while taking care of adding new content regularly
  • Off-page SEO
    off-page refers to what’s done behind the scenes, away from your website. In brief considering building links from other websites, and taking care of your domain rating and authority.
  • Think of SEO as the art of increasing your visibility in the search results. while it might look easy for some people you need to be patient especially if your website has no rank, For six months at least then you will start seeing the traffic coming in.
    At last, SEO is the king of all tactics because if you have the time needed to see the results you can do all things by yourself and pay nothing for it while gaining all the benefits.

    2- Content Optimization

    When you need something that you don’t know about or have any experience with it before, you simply go to Google, ask for what you want and Google sees what’s your intent and displays the results you want, thousands of results. That’s exactly what you need to do on your website in your niche, you got to know what are people looking for in your niche and give them helpful content.
    When optimizing your content and writing more you got to think and optimize this content related to the intent of the user searching for this info, intent types like:

    1. Informational intent, like how-to, guides, and do it yourself
    2. Navigational intent, for those who want to reach websites serving specific niches
    3. Transaction intent, AKA buyer intent for people who are searching and ready to buy stuff
    4. Commercial investigation, for people who are one step before buying and looking to compare products or services before buying Marketing your website using content is a great way to promote your website because it is very helpful for your audience and helps improve your SEO.

    3- Guest blogging

    Another effective way to promote your website is guest blogging, guest blogging gives you the opportunity to build the type of backlinks that you think will be helpful to you, when writing a blog for other websites or blogs that get traffic, you are giving them your resources and assets but this cost becomes very low when compared to the number of people you present your business to and you also get a chance to put links to your website for more information when talking about advanced things. So it’s a win-win situation.
    Another benefit that comes in guest blogging is that these created backlinks (if they are generating traffic) will be one of the important factors affecting your website rank. Everyone should go for guest blogging once they equip their website with helpful, optimized content, just to make sure that you will benefit from the coming traffic.

    4- Email Marketing Secret Power

    Every year writers write tons of (fake)posts about email marketing is dead, I seriously don’t know why, maybe they used it in the wrong way so they got no results, but one thing I know for sure is that email marketing is very important in promoting your website and keeping your visitors coming back again and again, it’s one of the lowest-paid promoting tactics.
    Email marketing is tested and proved, it’s even better than social media ads because you own your audience and visitors data, and can reach them anytime with any message at a very low cost.
    Build your list by encouraging your visitors to join your newsletter using a lead magnet, web form, or any other means, then you can reach our audience to tell them about your business, new services or products, and new blog posts that they initially joined because they are interested in. Email marketing can’t be finished in one post so we will write separate posts later to discuss all benefits and actions needed in detail. Here are steps you need to kickstart email marketing:

    1. Choose email marketing service provider
    2. Collect appropriate audience or contacts data
    3. Think then rethink about killer subject lines
    4. Focus on your content
    5. Using call to action
    6. Never send a campaign without testing
    7. Check your best time for sending
    8. Analyze and optimize

    5- Social Media Promotions

    Social media can be used as a free or paid method to promote your website, with all these platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok you will find your customer there whether your business model is B2B or B2C. Above all, since we tried it is LinkedIn works like charm for B2B companies.
    Use these channels to promote the content you create on-site or off-site and let the world know your website exists, and if you got some budget use it to promote your Facebook page and redirect people to your website from the page, just remember when advertising to narrow down your target audience so you burn your cash for nothing. You can even choose to target users who follow specific other pages or are friends of your current followers.

    6- Youtube Channel

    Text bases content is very good, it’s growing and will continue to grow, but there’s one important thing, not all of your audience will prefer text-based content, some prefer visuals or videos. So we think that promoting your content and converting the same content you already wrote on your website will be a good addition to your website and can lead to earning traffic if people loved your content and shared it. Google will also index your videos and show them in the search results.
    One important note: if you are not giving entertainment content, don’t hope or wait for any of your videos to go viral, that doesn’t happen with business videos, but it really doesn’t need to get zillions of views to be effective.
    Just make sure to write accurate titles, write a good description for the video content, and always use a call to action in all your videos to encourage your audience to take the next step.

    7- Podcasts charm

    Two or three years ago, podcasts were nothing and had no effect. While I consider it a brave and smart step by those who were planting their seeds and building the podcasts episode after another.
    Podcasts today are indispensable, I listen to podcasts every day, every time I enter my car the CarPlay starts and podcasts start also when walking outdoors, and I actually learned a lot from it, and I discovered a lot of resources because of it, which proves that podcasts are a great way to promote our websites because of these websites that were promoted to me.
    Everyone can benefit from podcasts using one of two ways:
    - You can build your own podcast using the content you created before and start creating more for it
    - Get yourself invited into podcasts by reaching out to podcast owners that talk about things in your niche and ask them for getting on the show with them.
    Both these ways are totally great and the good part also is that you can promote your website using podcasts for free.

    8- Influencer outreach

    Outreach to Influencers such as bloggers, and other professionals and connect with them to promote your website. Ideally, you’ll be able to build a lasting relationship with these professionals that will help you increase your site’s exposure.
    The technique starts with identifying your marketing goals and then finding people who can help you achieve those objectives. This involves reaching out with a pitch, and following up when necessary. Try sending your pitch over email or via certain social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter.
    You can also connect with influencers in a few ways, including:

    • Tag them in a social media post if your piece references their content or research.
    • Ask the influencer for an interview, then tag or email the influencer when the content is posted. They’ll likely share your content with their audience.
    • Do a round-up with multiple influencers and tag each of the participants when promoting the post on social media.
    • Pay influencers to run sponsored posts on their social media pages.

    9- Use Quora Wisely

    If you don’t know Quora, it’s an online community, actually, the top-ranked questions and answers community, it’s one of the top online destinations in the world.
    This makes it a great place to begin the process of making a site popular and improving rankings and traffic.
    Most people already using Quora to drive traffic to their website using a simple tactic, you set in your preferences the niches that you can help with, and when someone asks a new question you go there and provide a helpful answer equipped with a link to your website to review the post with more details. While some answers might seem spammy, it’s still a very good place to promote your website for free, also noted that spammy answers get downvoted so you end up not seeing them. So,

    • create your account now if you don’t have one,
    • follow a group or more
    • start posting about your business
    • Start answering questions wisely without being too spammy and giving links whenever possible

    Pay-per-click advertising using Google Ads, is an easy way to promote your website, even if don’t have too much budget to work with. Digital marketing in this way might be one of the more traditional channels, but it remains prevalent because it’s a great way to build website traffic as well as target specific demographics.
    Google AdWords, the best-known PPC advertising platform, is a great place to get started with PPC advertising. With Google AdWords, you can quickly create adverts around the keywords you’ve found through keyword research, and you’ll only pay for that advertising when a user clicks on the link. However, there’s no set amount you’ll pay with Google AdWords. When you run an ad through this platform, it’s entered into an automatic auction that happens whenever a user searches for your keyword. Typically, the advertiser who is offering more per click will win, but their ad positioning (or where it shows up on the search results) will be determined by other factors like keyword relevance, your click-through rate (CTR), and your overall ad performance.
    If you’ve got a strict advertising budget to meet, then you can easily set up Google AdWords so that once you’ve spent your budget for a certain period, your ads won’t be entered into another auction until that period renews. So, you don’t have to worry about endlessly spending money with little control.
    For a small business looking to invest capital into distribution, Google AdWords is one of the best ways to promote your website or blog.

    Final thoughts

    There will always be methods to promote your website no matter how big or small your budget is, in fact, we helped many websites start from the ground with no paid advertisement. With all the free channels available today you can start your initial traction and pivot your methods along the way.
    Last but not least, if you think there are other ways that you tried or think would benefit the people please leave them in the comments so we can all benefit from it.
    Thank you for your reading time and we wish you a happy successful business trip