There’s a lot of business developers and marketers talking about the importance of creating a website to promote the company’s services and products on the internet, this matter is becoming indispensable for almost all fields in line with the fast digital transformation forced by the pandemic. And before we demonstrate the benefits and how to get the most out of the website, comes the posted asked question, what is the cost of designing and building a website?
We are going to answer this question with regards that the answer is from Egypt and it will vary differently from one country to another depending on various factors, it will also vary from country to another depending on the expertise, technical support, and a lot of other stuff.
Why there’s a huge difference in websites prices? To answer this question we must understand that the website is a service, not a product, and therefore every person or company presents this service depending on their years of experience, features of the website, its content, and the after-sale service, and the price varies also depending on the project itself and from one industry to another and the main goal from it.
Even websites in the same fields and with the same requirements differ depending on the design and to output the website in a way that suits the business operations and thinking, so if you are an entrepreneur or a business owner and want to create a website you have to answer some questions like:

  • What is the purpose of the website? Is it just an introduction or brief for your business or you are going to sell products or services through it?
  • What is the best way to contact your customers? Is it chat, SMS, emails, website forms, or any other specific way?
  • How are you going to display the products?
  • Is there online payment? Are you going to use more than one way like Fawry, or credit cards?
  • Are you going to record sales orders on the website and integrate with shipping companies and generate sales reports? Or everything is separate and all you need is to save new orders only?

And there are others and others of questions and details that you should know and decide before even thinking of creating a website to be able to get accurate pricing quotations.
And in case you wanted to build a bigger platform with more features and benefits you should consider filling a system requirements specifications (SRS) which will help you and the company that’s going to build the website to study the specifications accurately and estimate the more accurate time frame and price range for the project. To avoid problems and malfunctions that result from the lack of clarity of the site specifications.

Options for building a website

There are three options to build a website for your business and each way has its pros and cons

  1. Do it yourself
  2. Hire a freelancer
  3. Hire a professional software company

Option One: Build it yourself

For example, if you just want to build an introductory website for your company to show the services you offer, you start by trying to build it yourself, this will help you to reduce the needed price, all that you going to pay is the fixed expenses only like the domain, host, and SSL certificate (if you wanted, and you should).
Domain: starts from $10 per year
Host: starts from $3 per month
SSL Cert: starts from $60 per year
You can start your first website with a cost starting from $50 per year in addition to the time needed to design, work, and prepare your website, It is also worth noting that in this case time should be cheaper than money for you, meaning that you have free time that you can use for working on the website without losing your main work time, in other words, you need to calculate the opportunity cost

Option Two: Hire a freelancer

The situation is different in this case and the next as the time should be more expensive than the money for you, or that the requirements are more or more advanced, and hence you should hire a professional freelancer to build the site, freelancers in most cases with give you good service at a low price, but this may not be the best option for the business on the long run, as there are some things that you can’t control like the quality of written code, and is it possible to build on it to develop the website or not, also deciding the technical support terms may not be clear as hoped or supposed, but remember this all depends on the business phase you are going through and the extent of work development.
In this case, you are going to afford the fixed costs starting from $50 in addition to the freelancer developer that varies differently depending on their series, and experience. This cost starts at EGP 3,000 and there’s no limit.

Option Three: Hire a professional software company

When hiring a software company you get rid of all the cons of hiring a freelancer, and it becomes beneficial to you.

  • You can own the source code of the project
  • The company could give you a guarantee period and a training period
  • Safety and security offered by the company or assured by the host
  • You can sign a yearly maintenance contract to ensure the website will work fast and accurately as needed.
  • And most importantly, you can guarantee your right when the project is not implemented or there is any dispute, by the law
  • Also in most cases, the software houses ensure the availability of experienced developers (this might impact the prices) but it is indispensable to ensure, the validity of the use of the codes in the following stages of development because in the end you are not just building a website to use it for a couple of months, you want this website to transform your business to grow, expand, and help in establishing the brand image in your customers' mind.
In the case of freelancer we can’t assure the experience of the developer so we stated a price starting from 3,000 EGP but since we do assure the experience in this case so we suggest the prices will be as follow:
- Fixed prices start from $50 in addition to the development and programming which starts from 12,000 EGP to 15,000 EGP (approximately similar to $900 to $1,000) and the upper limit is open.

Before you Start

Building a website is an option (but indispensable), one of the most important things that you should start with if you own a business but don’t own a website, you can dream as much as you want about what you want to achieve from it but don’t expect this on the short term, for it to bear fruit, you must pass another journey of marketing, improving appearance in search engines, and many other things that you should do after you built it.
And here are some advice we collected for you to save the most possible amount of cash:

1- Start small

Everyone makes mistakes the first time they build a website, so take your time in practice. There are a lot of cheap options where you can boost your skills without the stress of spending too much money as investments in the project.
Starting with a small number of cash limits your possible loses and reduces your chances of falling into common obstacles in later times(when you have problems because of losing your money). Just enjoy the trip.

2- be realistic

Your new website will never be like amazon or Facebook for example. Things shouldn’t be boring, but it must be within your range of expertise to build it. 3 main things decide the range of the website goals: time, technical skills, and cash.

3- don’t forget marketing

You must have extra cash saved for marketing, if you built something amazing but no one knows it even exists then you have not done anything yet, you have to study marketing tactics to market the website efficiently so you can achieve the most possible benefits from it

4- ask the right questions

We already know the first question: what is the cost of building the website? But other questions need to be asked to figure out an answer and understand the whole picture.

  1. What is my actual total budget?
  2. How will I manage the website?
  3. What are the features that I need now, later, or in a perfect world?
  4. Do I want to manage the technical side by myself?

At PrimeCode, we are honored to provide you with powerful web design and development solutions and mobile applications development with all the features we talked about before in addition to other features, if you want us to offer you a free price quote or free consultation just leave us your contact info here and we will contact you as soon as possible
Thank you for your time and we wish you a successful and happy business trip