How to Become Successful Train Vlogger? [Step by Step Guide]

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How to Become Successful Train Vlogger: Hey there, travel and story lovers! Trains are awesome, right? Capturing the magic of train journeys and sharing them with the world sounds pretty fantastic too. That’s where train vlogging comes in!

With YouTube and Instagram booming, more and more people are finding cool ways to share their adventures. Train vlogging lets you document your trips, show off incredible views you see from the window, and connect with train enthusiasts all over the globe. If you’re looking for a sign to jump into this exciting world, this is it! Here’s your one-stop guide on How to Become Successful Train Vlogger:

What is Train Vlogging?

Imagine you’re on a train ride, chugging through breathtaking landscapes. You see rolling hills, charming towns, or maybe even a bustling city skyline. Train vlogging is all about capturing those moments and sharing the train journey experience with the world.

It’s not just the scenery though! You might film yourself chatting with interesting passengers, trying out the local train food, or even sharing funny observations about train life. It’s a way to bring viewers on board for the adventure, letting them see the world (and train culture) through your eyes.

Benefits of Train Vlogging

  • Fuel Your Wanderlust: Explore new destinations and share your adventures with the world! Train travel takes you to amazing places, and vlogging lets you document it all.
  • Uncover Hidden Gems: Trains often pass through lesser-known spots. You might be the first to vlog about that charming village or scenic viewpoint!
  • Inspire Others: Showcasing your train journeys can spark wanderlust in viewers and encourage them to explore by rail.
  • Find Your Tribe: Train vlogging connects you with a global community of fellow train enthusiasts. Share stories, discuss train travel, and swap tips with like-minded people.
How to Become Successful Train Vlogger
How to Become Successful Train Vlogger

How to Become Successful Train Vlogger?

1. Understanding the Equipment

For train vlogging, a bulky camera is a big no-no. You’ll be moving around, so a compact and lightweight camera is your best friend. Look for features like excellent image stabilization to keep your footage smooth, even when the train rattles.

A good camera is just the beginning. Here’s what else you’ll need to capture top-notch footage:

  • Tripod: Keeps your shots steady, especially for timelapses or talking directly to the camera.
  • External Microphone: Improves audio quality, reducing background noise and capturing your voice clearly.
  • Lens Filters: Depending on your journey, filters can be helpful. A polarizer cuts down glare on windows, while a neutral density filter can be useful for managing bright sunlight.

2. Choosing the Right Train Routes

Before you jump on board and start filming, a little research can make your train vlogs truly epic. Instead of just any route, pick one known for its wow factor! Research popular train journeys in your area or dream destination.

Look for routes that boast stunning scenery, like epic mountains, charming coastlines, or bustling cityscapes that roll by your window. Maybe the route is steeped in culture, winding through historical sites, local villages, or areas known for unique traditions.

There might even be a cool train itself that deserves the spotlight – a luxurious sleeper train, a historic narrow-gauge railway, or maybe even a train that travels across a scenic bridge. Choosing a route with these special features will grab your viewers’ attention and make your train vlogs truly unforgettable.

3. Planning Your Content

Don’t just wing it! To create truly engaging train vlogs, take some time to plan your content. Here’s how:

  • Know Your Audience: Who are you making these vlogs for? Are they fellow train enthusiasts, budget travelers, or people who love scenic adventures? Understanding their interests will help you tailor your content.
  • Pick a Theme (or Two): What makes your train vlogs unique? Will you focus on the delicious food vendors you find on different routes? Maybe you’ll explore the history of the railways you travel on. Find a theme (or a few!) that resonates with you and sets your vlogs apart.
  • Outline Your Vlogs: Plan each vlog in advance! Decide what parts of the journey you’ll film, any interviews you might want to capture, and how you’ll tie it all together into a compelling story.

4. Building Your Online Presence

Now that you’ve got your content planned, it’s time to set up your home base for train vlogging fame. Here’s where you’ll share your adventures and connect with your audience:

  • Pick Your Platform: YouTube is a classic choice, but you could also explore blogging or even starting a social media channel dedicated to your train vlogs.
  • Channel with Character: Create a space that reflects your train vlogging style! This means cool visuals (like a catchy banner) and clear descriptions about your content. Consistent branding across your platform will help viewers recognize you and keep coming back for more.

5. Engaging with Your Audience

Don’t be a stranger to your viewers! Respond to comments, answer questions, and thank them for their feedback. This two-way conversation builds a community around your train vlogs and shows you appreciate their support. Their input can even inspire future content!

The world of travel vlogging is full of cool people. Consider collaborating with other creators or even brands in the travel and lifestyle space. This can open doors to new audiences and epic adventures.

6. Monetization Strategies

So, you’ve built a loyal audience and your train vlogs are chugging along. Here’s how you can potentially turn your passion into profit:

  • All Aboard the Ads Train! Enable ads on your videos. This means you might earn a small amount of money whenever someone watches an ad before or during your vlog.
  • Sponsorships: Express Train to Success! Partner with brands that fit your niche. Imagine a train food vlog sponsored by a travel food company, or a scenic railway vlog sponsored by a luggage brand. These partnerships can provide you with financial support in exchange for promoting their products or services in a genuine way.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Tickets to Earning! If you recommend travel gear, local eats, or train tours in your vlogs, you could include affiliate links. If someone clicks your link and makes a purchase, you might earn a commission. Just remember to be transparent and only recommend products or services you truly believe in.

7. Staying Safe

Train adventures are amazing, but safety should always be your top priority. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Eyes Peeled: Be aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas or unfamiliar stations. Keep an eye on your belongings and avoid flashing expensive equipment around.
  • Trust Your Gut: If something feels off, it probably is. Don’t be afraid to walk away from a situation that makes you uncomfortable.
  • Be Prepared: Emergencies happen. Familiarize yourself with train safety protocols, know how to contact railway authorities, and pack a mini first-aid kit just in case. By being prepared, you can handle unexpected situations calmly and ensure the safety of yourself and others.


By following these steps, you can embark on a successful train vlogging journey that combines travel, storytelling, and community building – all aboard the exciting world of train vlogging!

Remember, passion, planning, and a sprinkle of creativity are your key ingredients for capturing the magic of train travel and sharing it with the world. So, are you ready to become a How to Become Successful Train Vlogger trailblazer?

FAQs: How to Become Successful Train Vlogger

How can I monetize my train vlogs?

You can monetize your train vlogs through various channels, including ad revenue, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and offering premium content or merchandise to your audience.

Is train vlogging only about showcasing scenic views?

While capturing scenic landscapes is a significant aspect of train vlogging, it also involves documenting interactions with passengers, exploring cultural nuances, and sharing personal experiences.

Are there any restrictions on filming onboard trains?

Filming regulations may vary depending on the railway company, route, and local laws. Always check and adhere to the guidelines provided by railway authorities regarding photography and videography.

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